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Our country is hurting. It is literally collapsing under the weight of 400+ years of racial injustice, discrimination, institutionalized racism, and both subtle and overt acts of exclusion. The dire state
of the current environment may seem insurmountable.


The C.O.M.E. Together Initiative is designed to bring all people together across multiple
levels (local community, state, national, colleges & universities) by providing platforms for constructive dialogue leading to substantive change.​

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Students from multiple HBCUs and PWIs
will participate in and reflect upon
facilitated dialogue sessions aimed at
exploring causes and solutions for racial
discord in the US. Students will translate
learning into implementable strategies for
impacting the racial narrative within their
respective geographic regions.


  • Understand the effective dialogue model

  • Understand context sensitivity — when to and when not to use dialogue

  • Increase effectiveness working in multicultural settings

  • Practice using productive dialogue techniques for difficult conversations

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